Friday, 1 October 2010


I guess you are wondering what this blog will do, eh? Well, most Modelling Agency blogs don't do much. Perhaps they post a few tasks and so on, but this blog will be different from the rest. Not only will this blog be the no.1 spot for all your Poise Modelling news but also, it will be its very own Stardoll Fashion Blog.

So I guess what I am saying is, this blog will be starting next week (possibly sooner) and we need some dedicated writers to get involved. If you're interested in becomming a writer for this new, exciting fashion blog then simply mail me (Star.Oscars) on stardoll, and be quick! .p.s. you do not have to be a model for Poise to apply.

Plus -I have news on a sponsor and Fashion lines and Magazines who want Poise Models! More information in my next post ;)

Make sure to leave us a comment to give us your feedback and ideas.
I'll see you soon..very soon.